Telehealth Services

Telehealth is a unique tool for special education related service providers to be able to seamlessly transition therapy sessions from school to home without disruption to IEP services agreed upon by the IEP committee. This tool incorporates technologies such as videoconferencing, the internet, streaming video and other wireless communications. 

Our Telehealth Platform

Specialized is pleased to provide an online platform in order to assist schools and students with access to related services, including speech therapy, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dyslexia services, along with services for students with visual and auditory impairments. In addition, schools can remain in compliance with state and federal timelines by utilizing our telehealth platform and special education staff to hold IEP meetings, staffings, and consultations. 


Our telehealth platform utilizes the most current technology to provide secure and real-time communication between students and their related services providers. Schools, students and families can be rest assured that our online platform affords convenience and flexibility as students have access via any mobile or electronic device with a webcam (e.g., computer, iPad and other wireless electronic devices). Our staff will make best efforts to arrange scheduling that best suits your student’s needs. This tool incorporates technologies such as videoconferencing, the internet, streaming video and other wireless communications. 

Types of Telehealth Services Available

Ongoing Related Services are available via telehealth.  Provider availability may vary by region.


  • Counseling or consult: LSSP, LPC, LMSW, LCSW

  • Speech Therapy/Consult: SLP (therapy or consult) 

  • Occupational Therapy/Consult: OT

  • Physical Therapy/Consult: PT

  • Visual Impairment Services: VI Teacher

  • Auditory Impairment Services: AI Teacher 

  • Dyslexia Services: Dyslexia Teacher 

  • Music Therapy: Music Therapist 

  • Orientation & Mobility Services: O&M 

  • Other (Provider credential may vary)

    • ARDs

    • Consult

    • REED

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Access to highly engaging and individualized related services for students on a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure privacy and compliance

  • Continuation of related services which were previously provided in schools

  • Access to Specialized special education professionals who offer the same quality services in school settings

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Convenience and ease of use via any electronic device (with built-in or external video and audio capabilities for both the provider and the student

  • Access to our online system that allows for 24/7 request for services

Requirements for Telehealth Services

Both the provider and the student must have access to the following: 

  • Quiet and private area within the home setting with no interruptions/distractions 

  • Strong internet access

  • Computer or laptop (cell phone is NOT recommended) 

  • Webcam (either built in to the computer/laptop or separate)

  • Microphone (either built in to the computer/laptop or separate)

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