Private Services

Specialized provides a range of private assessment, therapy and telehealth options. 

Here are some of the assessment services we offer:

Simply give us a call at 346-240-1000. We will obtain some basic information about your needs. If needed, one of our licensed psychologists will call to discuss your needs. The psychologist will create a time estimate which will determine the approximate cost for your assessment before we start.

At this time, we do not accept health insurance or Medicaid, however we do provide forms needed to apply for reimbursement for out-of-network coverage through your insurance provider. 

When booking your appointment, we will take 50% of the appointment cost at the time of booking via credit card or electronic check payment. This initial payment is your deposit to secure the appointment. We will then collect the remaining balance from the same card or electronic check information 2 business days prior to your arrival for the appointment. 

Our main office in Northwest Houston is located at 11301 Fallbrook Dr, Ste 220, Houston, Texas 77065. This location is easily accessible from Spring Branch, Memorial, Copperfield, Cypress, Jersey Village, and inside loop 610.

Appointment times are flexible. After school and weekend appointments are available.

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