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Private Online Speech Therapy

Built by professionals & therapists to provide top-notch child focused therapy, Specialized is the only online therapy provider that is always focused on what is right for your child. Our incredible team of experienced and accredited speech therapists can help you with a large range of speech and language issues including speech impairments, articulation disorders, pragmatics, stuttering, and other communication disorders all through our online telehealth platform. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (SHAA) even recognized teletherapy as an effective and proven way to deliver speech therapy.

Telehealth Speech Services

Speech-Langage Assessments

Speech Therapy

Bilingual Services Available Too!

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Connecting Top Therapists 

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On your schedule & in the comfort of your home...

Evidence-Based Therapy and Best Practice 

Utilizing online speech-language therapy at home not only allows your child to receive the one on one sessions with the same therapist every session. The activities that our therapists use are engaging and exciting so that your child enjoys and learns at the same time. Thanks to our teleplatform, students can access a HIPAA-compliant secure portal to receive real-time therapy.

Premier Therapy


Private Telehealth & Insurance

We do not accept health insurance or Medicaid. However, you may be able to submit the bill to your insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement. Some FSA and HSA programs also cover speech therapy services. Please review your benefits thoroughly so you understand what is available to you.

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Great Therapists in Your Home!

Teletherapy is convenient and easy. Many people report they prefer receiving telehealth services because they can keep a consistent schedule, can stay home, save time, and have a private therapy session in under an hour.

Our therapists have years of experience in schools, hospitals, and clinics that they can bring to you in your own home.


Why wait? 

Our Process

Our simple system allows you to call in and speak directly with one of our friendly team members who will find out about your child and goals. At this time, we will help find the therapist that is best suited for your child for your assessment & therapy.

What to Expect

Once you have scheduled your assessment or therapy, your therapist will connect with you to go over the details and confirm the time of your appointment for speech therapy. Just like that! You are ready to go.


Assessments - $300

Bilingual Assessments - $400

45-minute therapy session $120

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